Traditional media most trusted info source

A new report says television, radio and newspapers are still tops with Canadian consumers.

Even though one in three Canadians now uses social networking and 19% visit blogs in an average week, a new report maintains that TV, newspapers and radio still enjoy the most consumer confidence. According to the just-released ‘Influencer Report’ – which resulted from a national survey conducted on behalf of Toronto’s Apex PR by Leger Marketing – it’s the veracity of traditional media that’s most trusted by Canadian consumers.

In fact, the top five most credible information sources cited by respondents are all traditional media. Radio was tops with 67%; then television and national newspapers, both with 66% per cent; regional newspapers with 62%; and national business magazines with 52% of the consumers who participated in the survey.

Despite the increasing popularity of blogs, wikis, podcasts and social networking sites, the credibility of these new media rated significantly lower than old media. Trust in the veracity of blogs ranked at only 10%, while podcasts garnered a rock-bottom 7% score.

‘It’s no secret that there are more information options than ever before, but what we’ve learned with this study is how and why consumers are making certain choices,’ says Apex president Pat McNamara. ‘It’s clear that if we want to communicate with the public, we need to understand where they get their information and how they are making decisions.’

Bottom line, says McNamara, is, ‘We can’t abandon traditional media. But we also need to understand that it’s becoming increasingly vital to talk to audiences through multiple channels.’