S-Vox acquiring western-based OMNIs

The Vancouver and Winnipeg channels will be added to a stable that already includes VisionTV, One and the Christian Channel.

Toronto-HQ’d multi-faith broadcaster S-Vox plans to expand its group of properties with the addition of two western-based OMNI channels, which it acquired in a deal with Rogers Media announced Tuesday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

‘We’ve been interested in those two channels for quite some time, and when this opportunity presented itself, we were quite keen,’ says S-Vox president/CEO Bill Roberts in reference to CHNU-TV and CIIT-TV, which have been operating under the names OMNI 10 and 11 since 2005. The channels are based in Vancouver and Winnipeg, respectively.

Rogers was forced by the CRTC to sell off the channels in order to complete its $375-million acquisition of the Citytv stations.

Roberts says the new channels, which are yet to be renamed, will be a perfect complement to S-Vox’s other properties, including VisionTV, One and The Christian Channel. ‘We’re expanding our niche business of faith, spirituality and wellness at a time we think will strengthen our overall position in the marketplace, where brands need to be more clearly identified,’ he explains. ‘It will also increase our revenue base and enhance our relationships with program suppliers and our offerings for advertisers.’ He adds that programming on the channels will also continue to reflect local communities.

The transaction is set to be completed in 2008, pending approval from the CRTC.

From Playback Daily