Fido bows billboards that talk to each other

Not to mention engaging in virtual snowball fights. What better way to promote wireless video could there possibly be?

You’re not crazy. Those billboards really are talking to each other.

Fido’s fun new outdoor campaign, which breaks tonight, features two projected billboards – one with a ‘boyfriend,’ the other with a ‘girlfriend’ – interacting with each other by talking and even throwing virtual snowballs. Meanwhile, a cute pooch appears to jump from one board to the other. The aim is to promote the wireless video calling offered through Fido’s 3G High Speed Experience.

The digital billboards have been placed around downtown Toronto to reach Fido’s hip, urban target. They’ve been set up either side-by-side or across from each other and appear static at first, but ‘come to life’ periodically to surprise passersby. To heighten the impact, the talking-billboard magic is being applied on a roving, unannounced schedule.

Fido, which is owned by Toronto-based Rogers Wireless, worked with Langley, BC-based The Media Merchants on the high-power light projections, as well as Bos Toronto.

Watch a video of the billboards ‘interacting’ here: