Burger King, Much bow Watch ‘n’ Win contest

Fifteen quick-texting viewers of MuchMusic's Holiday Wrap 2007 will be $1,000 richer.

Yesterday, Burger King and MuchMusic announced a contest designed ‘to stuff fans’ stockings with gobs of green for the holidays.’ Anyone 13 and older tuning in to MuchMusic’s Holiday Wrap 2007 (Dec. 15-Jan. 6) will have a shot at winning one of 15 cash prize giveaways of $1,000.

‘Sponsoring MuchMusic’s Holiday Wrap contest was a great opportunity and a perfect fit for Burger King to further celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Whopper sandwich,’ says the restaurant chain’s senior manager of national merchandising and direct marketing, Lucy Todish.

Featured in the year-ender are new Much original specials including Hotties Next Door, MuchMusic’s 20 Sexiest Stars, Casting Call and Robin Black: Cage Fighter, along with the net’s annual ‘Viewers’ Poll 2007′ and ‘Messed Up ‘N’ Memorable Moments 2007.’

Viewers who spot a branded ‘Cash is King’ icon (pictured), which will appear on screen intermittently throughout Holiday Wrap 2007, and then text in a short code will have a chance to win $1,000.

‘It’s all about rewarding our loyal viewers with this holiday promotion,’ says MuchMusic director of marketing Susan Arthur. ‘Who wouldn’t want to walk away with a fistful of cash just for watching TV? And we’re thrilled to be partnering with Burger King to make it happen.’

The contest is being promoted via Burger King-sponsored spots during Holiday Wrap, on-air billboards sponsored by BK and a branded microsite at muchmusic.com. All elements of the promotion were developed and executed by Much’s in-house team.

Full contest details and Holiday Wrap tuning info are available at www.muchmusic.com.