Specialty tissue-tising company bows this week

What better time than in the thick of cold and flu season to launch a pocket tissue-based media company?

This week, Toronto-based entrepreneur James Madigan is rolling out Mass Target Media, which specializes in branded packages of pocket tissue. Since he focuses solely on the product, he can offer the packages at 30-35 cents apiece, substantially less than promotional companies, which tend to charge around one dollar per piece for similarly branded tissue packets.

‘The reason I’ve focused on pocket tissue is because it has universal acceptance – everybody uses it,’ explains Madigan, who left his post as assistant marketing manager at Canada Post to launch Mass Target.

Advertisers can opt to have their messages imprinted directly onto the plastic packaging or to insert branded cards or coupons into tissue packets. Minimum buys are 20,000 for the former and 1,000 for the latter. Madigan’s tissue suppliers are based in China, so branded packaging orders take about four to six weeks to fill. He can print the insert cards in Toronto, so the turnaround for branded cards slotted into packs is only about two to three days.