Super Bowl ‘giant’ hit with Canadian viewers
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – Jan. 28-Feb. 3

Apart from the big game, only one show made the national chart on Sunday, Feb. 3. And you had to change the channel to watch it.

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+; all times ET), according to BBM/Nielsen, for Jan. 28-Feb. 3.

News and daily shows: CTV Evening News at 6 pm fell three spots to #8 with an average minute audience of 1.629 million viewers (up from 1.623 million on the previous week’s national chart). The net’s Jeopardy/Access Hollywood at 7:30 pm climbed two spots to #13 with 1.255 million (up from 1.235 million). Global National at 5:30 pm climbed seven spots to #21 with 1.039 million (up from 976,000), while News Hour at 6 pm jumped six spots to #23 with 987,000 (up from 954,000). Global’s The Young & The Restless at 4:30 pm hit the chart at #25 with 956,000 viewers.

Monday: CTV’s Corner Gas at 8 pm stayed on top but fell two spots to #16 with 1.181 million (down from 1.265 million), followed by Two and a Half Men at 8:30 pm, which took #17 with 1.158 million. CBC’s The Week The Women Went hit the chart at #30, attracting 855,000 viewers in the 8 pm time slot.

Tuesday: CTV’s American Idol at 8 pm took #2 to the Super Bowl this week. Idol reeled in 2.821 million (down from 3.006 million) against Global’s NCIS, which climbed 13 spots to #14 with 1.246 million (up from 1.003 million), and CBC’s Rick Mercer Report, which fell 14 spots to #27 with 904,000 viewers (down from 1.275 million). Global’s House won the 9 pm time slot, climbing seven spots to #5 with 2.305 million (up from 1.334 million) against CTV’s Criminal Minds, which hit #22 with 1.001 million (down from Law & Order’s 1.52 million in that time slot the previous week). CTV’s Law & Order: SVU at 10 pm was the only show to make the chart for that time slot, falling one spot to #10 with 1.553 million (up from 1.453 million).

Wednesday: CTV’s American Idol at 8 pm took #3 with 2.805 million viewers (up from 2.534 million). The net’s Law & Order at 10 pm hit #7 with 1.825 million (down from 1.942 million achieved by CSI: New York the previous week). The Moment of Truth at 9 pm gave CTV a straight win over prime time as the show climbed to #9 with 1.587 million (up from 1.125 achieved in the 7 pm time slot the previous week). CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie returned to the chart at #29 with 891,000 viewers.

Thursday: CTV’s Lost made a strong comeback to win prime time for the net. The show hit #6 for its 9 pm broadcast, reeling in 1.855 million viewers, and #11 for its 8 pm broadcast, which attracted 1.553 million. The net’s Eli Stone, leading out of Lost, hit #15 with 1.219 million. Global’s Celebrity Apprentice at 9 pm fell one spot to #24 with 960,000 viewers (down from 1.114 million).

Friday: CTV’s Ghost Whisperer at 8 pm fell four spots to #26 with 940,000 viewers (down from 1.123 million).

Saturday: CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Game One, airing 7-10:02 pm, climbed eight spots to #18 with 1.133 million viewers (up from 1.03 million). CTV’s Evening News at 6 pm hit #19 with 1.081 million (down from its previous Saturday/Sunday average of 1.221 million). CTV’s Crimetime Saturdays programming at 10 pm hit #20 with 1.049 million viewers, while it hit #28 at 9 pm with 901,000.

Sunday: CTV’s Super Bowl, airing 6:03-10:13 pm, hit #1 on the national chart with 4.234 million viewers (up from last year’s 3.626 million average). The post-game program, airing 10:13-10:27 pm, took #4 with 2.546 million. Eleven minutes later, Global put House on the air and the show averaged #12 with 1.294 million viewers.

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