Canon morphs ad campaign into CGC site

Launched in October as a brand initiative, 'Tell Your Story' has now launched a microsite where Canadians can post photos depicting everything from happy wedding days to scary signs of climate change.

Yesterday, Canon Canada extended last fall’s successful ‘Tell Your Story’ brand campaign into the CGC realm. Canadians are invited to recount their own tales – in photo images (natch) – on the Mississauga, Ont.-HQ’d cameraco’s new microsite.

Those who depict stories of everything from memorable weddings and new babies to evidence of climate change will receive not only viral glory, but also the chance of winning monthly prizes consisting of Canon photo products and the possibility of being featured in one of the company’s upcoming ad campaigns.

‘We live in a country full of colourful, vibrant people, and wanted to create a site to capture and spotlight the stories these people want to tell,’ says Stan Skorayko, VP of corporate communications and general and environmental affairs. ‘This microsite is a wonderful forum for people to connect with one another and share their experiences. We are pleased to present this site and are proud to see how Canon’s products have inspired so many wonderful stories already.’