Oreos celebrate big 6-0 with. . . cake?

No crumbling for this cookie brand - it's introducing Oreo Cakesters Snack Cakes in-store this month, with a big TV campaign to follow in May.

Being a sexagenarian doesn’t necessarily mean lacking a trick or two up your sleeve – at least not judging by how the Oreo cookie brand is celebrating its 60th anniversary in Canada.

What’s the classic cookie’s trick? Introducing a cake brand. Yes, Oreo Cakesters Snack Cakes are hitting stores on a staggered schedule this month, and being supported with an integrated marketing campaign between now and May. In addition to sampling events across Canada, there’s word-of-mouth marketing and public relations by, respectively, Mackenzie Trade, Buzz Agent and Edelman (all based in Toronto).

With creative from Draft FCB, and media buys by Starcom MediaVest (both Toronto-based), an Oreo Cakesters print ad will appear in the spring issue of What’s Cooking magazine. As well, a 30-second TV spot will run on conventional and specialty TV stations across Canada in early May. Entitled ‘Chest Hair,’ the wacky commercial features a bunch of kids vocally playing pass-it-on. By the time what starts out as ‘Billy has an Oreo Cakester’ reaches the final kid, it sounds like ‘Billy has a new chest hair.’