Truckful of breakfast rolling across Canada

Kellogg, Saputo, Danone, Minute Maid, Wal-Mart and Astral Media are all pitching in to support Breakfast Clubs of Canada's community-based nutrition programs for schoolchildren.

A mighty big tractor-trailer, chockfull of 10,000 branded breakfast items, is currently rolling into Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver in a six-week initiative in support of Breakfast Clubs of Canada.

The Canadian HQs of Kellogg, Saputo, Danone, Minute Maid and Wal-Mart are participating to support BCC’s community-based nutrition programs for schools. Dubbed ‘Give Them a Taste for Learning,’ the combination awareness and fund-raising campaign is being executed by Montreal-based JSEM experiential marketing agency.

At each stop on the tour, the public is being invited to drop by and grab ‘breakfast on the go,’ hand-delivered off the truck by volunteers from Astral Radio. Astral Media’s corporate contribution involves local stations broadcasting live from the truck’s location.

‘By literally handing people what they need to start the day off right, we’re creating an immediate and tangible connection to the cause,’ explains JSEM president Jonathan Singer. ‘We’re bringing the mission of BCC to life, one person at a time. The images are impactful, the message is emotional, and the cause is worthwhile.’

To further raise awareness about BCC’s work, Wal-Mart is staging an in-store campaign, including narrowcasting on screens in its super centres, and running a banner on its website. Astral Media is also promoting the tour on its website and with PSAs on nine of its radio stations. JSEM handled all these elements.