Montreal city hall opts for net-vertising

While undergoing a lengthy renovation, the edifice is cladding its venerable self in giant, ad-festooned nets.

Montreal’s elegant city hall, which dates back to 1872, recently embarked on renovations that are expected to last for several years. During that time, the venerable edifice will be draped in advertising-friendly nets.

‘This will be a fabulous advertising venue, with huge placards on the four faces of the building,’ explains Jean Claude Henri, president/CEO of Madigan Communications. His Montreal-based company is managing the net-vertising. Its first such installation last fall clad The Bay’s downtown Montreal store in nets featuring Air Transat’s 20th anniversary and a national promotion for Sony Canada.

‘These gigantic faces – some reach up to 20,000 square feet – are the most spectacular [form of] static outdoor advertising,’ adds Henri. ‘The super-sized faces offer endless possibilities for advertisers to reach urbanites and the business community in Canadian cities.’