Global loses Las Vegas, gains two other series

Global's set to premiere two fresh series for its Monday-night line-up, but its only Friday-night winner is going to fade away.

Las Vegas, one of Global’s strongest Friday-night offerings, is about to go dark after NBC made the decision not to renew the series. Viewers will essentially be left without a proper ending to the show, which first hit the air in 2003.

The series has often been Global’s only Friday-night show to consistently hit BBM/Nielsen’s list of the top 30 programs. On recent national charts, it has recorded average minute audiences of 1.085 million and 919,000.

Some news media are calling Las Vegas a victim of the writers’ strike, but NBC had reportedly considered cancelling the series prior to the work stoppage. Global aired its last new episode on Feb. 15.

Last week, the net premiered the new Mark Burnett production Amne$ia, hosted by Dennis Miller, in the 9 pm Friday time slot. It will now move to 8 pm, and be followed by repeats of House and Numb3rs at 9 pm and 10 pm, respectively.

In other Global programming news, the net now has a premiere date and time slot for the new series Canterbury’s Law. The show, about a defense attorney (Julianna Margulies – pictured) who occasionally bends the law for clients, will hit Global’s sked on Monday, March 10 in the 8 pm time slot. It will serve as a lead-in to the net’s other new series, New Amsterdam, which will debut on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, then move to Mondays at 9 pm.