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Cineplex adds Landmark screens to ad roster

Cineplex is growing its screen numbers in Western Canada.

Toronto’s Cineplex Entertainment is adding 38 theatres in Western Canada to its inventory for on-screen ads and backlit posters after signing a deal with Calgary-based Landmark Cinemas.

The agreement includes the rollout of digital pre-show representation in the second quarter of this year. The addition of Landmark’s Western Canada screens brings Cineplex Media’s total screens to 2,361.

‘Cineplex Media now provides cinema advertising coverage to more than 90% of Canada’s movie-going public, and is the best option for reaching the highly sought-after youth and teen demographics,’ says Cineplex Media president Salah Bachir.

Cineplex Media also represents Alliance Atlantis Theatres, AMC Theatres, Fortune Cinemas, Festival Cinemas, Adfilms Theatres, Cinemark and Quebec Independant Theatres.