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DDB makes green moves with Echology

Skedded to be announced today at strategy's Social Responsibility Forum, the new unit will build sustainable brands and messaging for clients.

At strategy‘s Social Responsibility Forum today, DDB Canada will announce that it has joined forces with sustainability consultancy Junxion Strategy to form DDB Echology. The new entity will work with clients to green their brands, take on causes, develop strategic messaging, engage and educate employees and bring about positive change.

‘DDB Echology helps clients do the right thing and say it the right way,’ says DDB Canada chairman/CEO Frank Palmer. ‘It’s a powerful combination of Junxion Strategy’s credibility and expertise in sustainability strategy and counseling, matched with our leadership in creativity and brand stewardship.’

Based in Vancouver, the new national unit will coordinate the efforts of ‘senior Echologists’ in Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. It is jointly led by DDB managing director Steve Kennedy and Junxion Strategy strategic counsel and client lead Peter ter Weeme.

As part of Palmer’s mission to ‘green’ the agency, the Echology initiative will also turn its eye inwards to ensure that the agency is itself a sustainable organization. The name, er, echoes the agency’s internal program, known as ECHO, through which DDB is measuring and reducing its carbon footprint, reducing waste, developing sustainability-based procurement policies and improving both the employee experience and the company’s community investment programs.