Canadian Newcomer Magazine adds ESL tool

Readers can now improve their English skills by clicking on any word in any article to obtain a definition, an explanation and even pronunciation advice.

Now approaching its fourth anniversary, Canadian Newcomer Magazine has introduced an innovative tool that allows readers to improve their English skills by clicking on any word in any article ever published by the magazine. A box pops up to instantly provide a definition, an explanation and even an example of pronunciation.

Developed and powered by, the new web tool is designed ‘to help newcomers settle faster,’ says magazine publisher/editor Dale Sproule. ‘Having poor English skills is the greatest barrier immigrants face while looking for a job. And it has a huge impact on other aspects of their integration into Canadian society – when they are socializing, networking, or even when they try to use basic community services, like medical assistance.’

The new service is free of charge, as is the ad-supported magazine, and may be accessed from any computer – at home or at libraries, community centres, employment agencies or ESL schools around the country. i>Canadian Newcomer Magazine‘s print run was recently bumped to 63,000 copies.

It is distributed at Toronto’s Pearson Airport port of entry, in public libraries and on free magazine distribution stands. As well, it is available through service providers such as settlement agencies, COSTI, Woodgreen and Job Skills; English as a Second Language (ESL) providers (including the Toronto District School Board); and employment programs like Skills for Change and ACCES Employment Service.

‘With an estimated three readers per copy, we are now reaching and helping almost 200,000 newcomers with each issue,’ says Sproule.