New W show aims to inspire healthy action

A friend in need is a friend indeed - that's the mantra embraced in W Network's upcoming Stuck.

Stuck, which might well be dubbed a docu-soap, will premiere on W on May 14 at 9:30 pm ET (repeats at 11 pm). The 13-part series tracks the journey of seven women who come together to recoup their confidence and energy by pursuing a health and weight-loss program.

Hailing from a range of diverse backgrounds, the women will be challenged to overcome a number of obstacles, both physical and emotional. In the series opener, they begin their quest by coming together over a healthy meal to discuss their respective backgrounds and the results of their first fitness assessment.

Relying on one another for support, the women will combat years of foot-dragging and bad food habits while attempting to balance their new health regimen with family, careers and social lives. Stuck is meant to serve as a weekly source of inspiration for not only the seven women featured in the show, but also for viewers.