Stratford pursuing audiences of tomorrow

In a nice melding of new and old - make that way old - the festival now has a Facebook application called 'Hooked on Shakespeare' plus a YouTube channel.

Where are the future’s theatre goers today? The Stratford Shakespeare Festival knows many of them are hanging out on social media sites. That’s why the Ontario-based theatre organization commissioned Vortex Social, the social marketing division of Toronto’s Vortex Mobile, to get busy online.

The results of their efforts include a Facebook application called ‘Hooked on Shakespeare,’ which launched late last week and has already attracted several hundred users.

Among other available activities, users can complete a personality profiler to match themselves to Shakespearean characters, test their knowledge in the ’2B or Not 2B’ trivia game and connect famous actors back to Stratford with a six-degrees-of-separation engine. A fan page includes webcasts and a designated YouTube channel.