NADbank releases balance of ’07 study

The sections of data now available cover product, retail shopping and lifestyle.

Yesterday, the Newspaper Audience Databank released its complete 2007 NADbank Study. The report includes data on product, retail shopping and lifestyle which were not available when initial results were released in March.

The study includes readership results for 82 Canadian daily newspapers in 54 urban markets, plus two Detroit dailies. Also now available is readership data for 57 community newspapers in 33 markets.

The comprehensive info was gathered via a product mail-back questionnaire completed by more than 27,500 adults (18 and older) across Canada. Information was collected on 29 different product categories, ranging from alcoholic beverage consumption to pleasure and business travel. In addition, the report covers 21 shopping categories, ranging from automotive services and supplies to shopping malls.

The complete study is available at