Notes from the Mediascape: Stunt viral delivers for Levi Strauss

Handstands, backflips and other creative and agile ways to get into a pair of jeans are striking viral gold on YouTube.

Levi Strauss attracted a steady stream of attention in the world of viral video with ‘Guys backflip into jeans’, which hit YouTube on May 5.

The video was uploaded Monday, May 5. In its first week, it collected almost a million and a half views and shot to the top of YouTube’s most-viewed list. By the end of last week, the total views topped 2.775 million, while comments on the item numbered more than 13,000.

The video shows a group of young and daring hipsters performing a variety of stunts to get into their jeans – from backflipping to leaping into denim from a handstand position. The camera work looks like that of a UGC collection of handheld shots, but it was actually produced by San Francisco-based ad agency Cutwater.

One of the first related video suggestions is a link to ‘Girls backflip into jeans’ – a traditional spot by Levi Strauss that has attracted almost 272,000 views.