Canadians digitally divided

A new segmentation system gives a 360-degree view of Canadians' attitudes toward, and use of, digital technologies.

Toronto-based Delvinia has launched Canada’s first digital market segmentation system, Delvinia Digital MOSAIC, which provides an in-depth view of attitudes toward digital technologies and their uses.

MOSAIC, developed by Toronto’s Generation5, gleans insights into Canadians’ digital habits based on the results of Delvinia’s proprietary online research panel, AskingCanadians. Canadians are clustered into 150 distinct segments which furl into 20 descriptive groups, including loaded and overloaded families, multicultural cyber socials, young city slickers and e-tired empty nesters.

‘Delvinia Digital MOSAIC allows us to immediately grasp a customer segment’s mindset with incredible accuracy so we can deliver a digital customer experience that profoundly connects our clients with their customer,’ explains Delvinia president and CEO Adam Froman.

The segmentation system is a combination and integration of insight tools that enable marketers to more adeptly understand their customers and mold future experiences based on digital preferences and characteristics.

‘This tool is painstakingly precise, as it can forecast digital behaviours for every household and postal code in the country,’ says Jamie LeFort, EVP, client operations for Generation5.