Astral presenting T.O.’s new street furniture today

The mayor, some Astral Media execs and the media are going over the ad-friendly prototypes, which will festoon the city for the next 20 years, this morning.

Astral Media and Toronto Mayor David Miller are showcasing full-sized prototypes of the city’s new street furniture designs today. Astral chiefs Ian Greenberg and Luc Sabbatini were to join the mayor to show off the prototypes that will decorate the city for the next 20 years this morning.

The full-sized prototypes, created by Toronto designer Jeremy Kramer and his team at Kramer Design Associates, range from a sleek multi-publication dispensing structure to a functional public message centre and a hands-free litter receptacle.

Two of the 10 pieces – the LCD screen-enabled INFOTOGO column and the transit shelter – offer premium advertising space. The new transit shelters will use up to 40% less electricity than previous models, and one-third will be solar-powered, which Astral says is a responsible advertising solution that benefits everyone.

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