Canadian nearly blasted into outer space

An ex-Montreal art director tells MiC that being a top-five finalist in Doritos' search for the best ad to send to another galaxy was a thrill, even if he didn't win yesterday.

Remember that goofy Doritos contest inviting UK residents to come up with the first ad to be broadcast beyond Earth’s solar system? (See MiC‘s March 11 story.) Well, the winning spot, ‘Tribes,’ was announced yesterday.

Jonathan Howells tells MiC he wishes the winner had been his own ‘Mexico in Your Mouth.’ But the Montreal-born art director and aspiring film director says he’s proud that his first-ever TV commercial received enough votes from consumers to place among the top five finalists.

A UK resident for the past three years, Howells says the inspiration for his digital animation was the insight that Doritos delivers a flavour experience that happens inside the mouth. ‘So, taking this to a literal though exaggerated end, my ad shows a flavour moment actually happening.

‘For entertainment’s sake, and to strike the absurd tone that fits the Doritos brand, the ad juxtaposes visual styles and time periods, as well as music and sound effects, to combine Victoriana with Mexicasa. It’s a Mexican wrestling match and a love triangle – demonstrating that something quite unique is delivered by simply popping a Doritos chip into the mouth.’

To view ‘Mexico in Your Mouth’ and the four other finalist ads, visit: