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Slice offering doses of reality

Slice advises audiences to stay in and stay tuned to their July lineup of hits including Shear Genius, Workout and Biggest Loser .

Canwest specialty channel Slice will kick off July with a bundle of new series and episodes of returning series.

Premiering on Tuesday, July 1 at 9 pm is the new series Shear Genius II, hosted by one of the original Charlie’s Angels, Jaclyn Smith (pictured). The show will challenge the skills and creativity of hairstylists as they compete in two challenges each day.

Hosted by comedian Caroline Rhea, Biggest Loser premieres on Monday, July 3 at 10 pm. Two competing teams will follow comprehensive diets and exercise plans to lose weight, gain healthier bodies and take a shot at $250,000.

Founder/CEO of the Millionaire’s Club Patti Stanger acts as a matchmaker on Millionaire Matchmaker every Monday at 10 pm beginning July 7.

The world broadcast premiere of Mr. Friday is set for Friday, July 11 at 8 pm. The show takes viewers on the personal journey of Derek Friday, an ex-fashion model and dancer, as he switches places with hard-working people to learn the value of various kinds of labour.

New episodes of returning series include Wedding SOS: Season III, beginning Monday, July 7 at 9 pm, and Party Mamas II a half-hour later.