Yellow Tail promos wine & a movie consumption

Why was celebrity chef Jason Roberts lounging in a yellow bathtub at Toronto's Union Station yesterday?

A month-long campaign to introduce Australian Yellow Tail wines to Canadians launched yesterday at Toronto’s Union Station. Already popular in 40-plus other countries, the beverage is positioned as ‘the wine for everyday consumption,’

Hence the OOH element of the initiative featured New Zealand-born celebrity chef Jason Roberts relaxing in a yellow bathtub while watching a movie and enjoying a glass of Yellow Tail – the point being to pair simple foods and great movies with the brand’s wines. A retail and online promo help consumers with the proper pairings.

The campaign also includes an online contest to win a trip to Australia, which is being promoted on PIN-containing neck-tags at LCBO outlets. The neck tag booklets also pair Yellow Tail varietals with movie matches, and include Fox DVD savings coupons. As well, a print ad is appearing in the summer edition of the LCBO’s Food & Drink magazine. All elements were developed in-house, and are being executed by Toronto-based Segal Communications.

Roberts will repeat the tub stunt, which he touted on Canada AM yesterday morning, at Toronto’s First Canadian Place next week, and in high-traffic locations in BC and Quebec starting in September. ‘The recipes and pairings we’ve created offer a simple, uncomplicated way for Canadians to enjoy their wine in those everyday moments, and empower people to try out their own pairings at the same time,’ Roberts explains.