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Everything old new again at Lush

Bowing to customer demand, the cosmetics retailer is bringing back discontinued products and staging online and in-store activities to celebrate the old/new Retro line.

Toronto-HQ’d Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Canada has decided to offer customers more than 70 previously discontinued products, now dubbed ‘Retro,’ starting today.

A promotional campaign to support the unusual retail move is centered around LUSH Town, an homage to the film noir mysteries of the 1930s, set to debut July 21, plus a corresponding online contest. After watching the short movie, viewers can enter a contest at www.lushtown.com to win a limited-edition LUSH Retro set of products.

In stores, there will be ‘Lush Town’ displays made entirely of retro soap, which will be won by the customer who correctly guesses its weight. As well, the chain will host 1930s-themed parties on July 5 and 6 to launch a limited-edition gift box, as well as give away retro samples.

‘We created the campaign to give Retro Lush an identity of its own and to offer customers a fun introduction to the new format,’ says Jack Constantine, Lush’s UK online marketer and the instigator of the campaign. ‘It crosses over online and also into the stores, making this a truly multi-channel promotion.’