Nike Golf powers Weather Network widgets

Golfers glean a new window into their game with desktop weather gizmos, as Nike continues to amp its digital sport enhancer cred.

Nike Golf Canada has partnered with Oakville, Ontario-based The Weather Network to launch WeatherEye Golf, a group of widgets and applications that serves Windows XP and Vista users with weather-related info on 17,000 golf courses in Canada and the US.

Real time weather data for a golf course appears in the user’s system tray and can be expanded to a small window, which also displays contact info for the courses. The partnership with adds product information that golfers can use to improve their game.

Nike Golf Canada brand communications manager Tyler Keenan says the company sees WeatherEye Golf as ‘a natural fit for our brand to help educate the consumer on our vast line of equipment and apparel for all weather conditions in Canada.’

Nike Golf’s headquarters are located in Beaverton, Oregon.