Samsung chooses a little adventure on YouTube

The 'Follow Your Instinct' viral video series gives users a storyline with the power to choose using 'annotations.'

Samsung and Toronto-based digital shop Fjord have launched an interactive video series using YouTube’s new ‘annotations’ – effectively tying a storyline together and giving the user a choose-your-own-adventure experience. The story follows the life of a young urban professional, armed with a Samsung Instinct phone, as he makes interesting choices that affect his work and personal life.

In ‘Follow Your Instinct,’ viewers are exposed to a series of nine vignettes. Fjord produced 10 minutes of video footage to create the various story outcomes, depending on what option the user clicks at the end of each sequence. The segments include a frisky first date and an after-work party.

Fjord Interactive GM Cameron Bedford says it’s ‘very rare to find a brand that is willing to take a risk with a new and innovative viral marketing approach. This is a first of its kind. We are very proud to have been able to produce it for Samsung and are excited about the result.’

All videos in the series can be viewed at the SamsungCanadaFilms YouTube Channel. The first video in the series is embedded here.