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Stratus hosts travel series

Former wrestler Trish Stratus continues to find TV work, fronting the 10-parter Stratusphere this fall for Travel + Escape and Discovery HD.

Considering she spent years living out of a suitcase, it’s hard to believe that Trish Stratus didn’t see much during her travels with World Wrestling Entertainment. She thrilled audiences in Japan, Australia, and the UK, yet the photo album of the seven-time women’s champion is not as extensive as one would expect.

But that’s no longer the case. Over the past few months, Stratus has been in front of television cameras documenting her time in exotic and unique lands as part of Stratusphere, for Travel + Escape and its sibling Discovery HD. Originally slated for summer, Stratusphere clicked with executives at CTVglobemedia and was moved to the fall. Stratusphere debuts on T+E Sept. 1 and is due on Discovery HD this winter. Stratus will also guest star on the second season debut of Canwest’s ‘da Kink in my Hair, playing herself.

The 10-part show by Suddenly SeeMore…Productions (No Opportunity Wasted) sends her across the globe where she takes on tasks and challenges that showcase the local culture – learning how to sword fight in southern India and paragliding in the Himalayas. She was disappointed in Fiji, however, where she was not allowed to take part in a firewalking ceremony.

A longer version of this story appeared in Playback Daily.