Notes from the mediascape: Adidas turns to Ultraviolet Sound widget

Adidas Originals is launching a music widget embedded in a funky online ad to engage browsers who, well, like free songs.

Adidas has launched an online widget that offers free tunes by the L.A. band Ultraviolet Sound to celebrate the Adidas Originals brand.

The widget, which features 11 Ultraviolet Sound tracks, was created by San Francisco-based social music label trueAnthem, which encourages users to place it on their private websites and social networking profiles on sites like MySpace and Facebook. The widget also features song-like ads [i.e., jingles] dubbed trueAds that lead to free songs, and ad-free songs for 99 cents. Users also receive a 30% discount on Adidas Originals.

Ultraviolet Sound was the first artist to release a new album on a widget.