Samsung intros smartphone today at amusing event

The arrival of the electronics biggie's new smartphone is being marked with an event at which people will be invited to use their 'obsolete' cell phones as ammo.

Mississauga, ON-based Samsung Electronics Canada will promote the release of its new Instinct smartphone today by inviting Torontonians to load their current cell phones into a slingshot and shoot ‘em into a recycling bin.

Samsung’s Toronto-based brand infiltration agency, Espresso, has been promoting the launch event virally through social networking services like Twitter and various blogs, while Apex Public Relations is handling media relations.

Mobile sharpshooters will have the chance to win an Instinct, if they hit the big blue target. People without their own ammunition can still take part by using old phones that will be available at the event.

Though arguably a tad harsh toward old-style cell phones, the event will be friendly to the environment, Adrianne Szabo, assistant marketing manager, wireless terminals division, Samsung Canada, tells MiC.

‘To celebrate the launch of the Samsung Instinct with Telus, we wanted to create a memorable experience that is as fun and resourceful as the phone itself,’ she explains. ‘And by working with Telus’ Return & Recycle Program, consumers can dispose of their old handsets in an entertaining but environmentally responsible way.’

To further boost the new phone, Samsung commissioned an Angus Reid survey to investigate how much Canadians trust their instincts.

‘While our Instinct device is not intended to replace a person’s instincts, it does have several features that may help if your own instincts let you down,’ says Paul Brannen, general manager, wireless terminal division, Samsung Electronics Canada.

Samsung is also inviting Canadians to test their instincts online through a choose-your-own-adventure-style YouTube video entitled at Follow Your Instinct. An interactive feature allows viewers to influence a young professional’s day as he faces dilemmas concerning his work and personal life.