CRTC okays new YTVs

Digital spinoffs of the kiddie channel will focus on action, and exploring the world.

The CRTC has okayed two new channels under the YTV brand, approving applications from parent company Corus Entertainment for YTV Pow! and YTV OneWorld.

Pow! features ‘non-violent action’ including adventure and superhero shows, and interactivity is also a focus. Programs about games associated with action series, and magazine shows on current and past comic book trends are also in the plan. The licence also allows for game shows, amateur sports and movies, though the latter is capped at no more than 15% of the week’s schedule.

YTV OneWorld, like Pow! a category 2 digichannel, will be aimed at kids aged 6 to 17 and their families, and will cover a range of genres including entertainment, humour, travel, games and science and technology, again with a 15% cap on movies and on music/dance programs.

Corus met no opposition over the applications.