Teletoon greenlights more Drama

Fresh TV is set to animate the third Total Drama season, plus new Stoked series.

Teletoon has commissioned the third season of the Total Drama ‘reality’ cartoon series, as well as a new 52-ep animated comedy series, Stoked, from Toronto-based prodco Fresh TV.

Total Drama Island was among the top five most popular shows on Teletoon last year for kids ages 6 to 17. The second season, Total Drama Action, airs in spring 2009, and the latest version, Total Drama: the Musical (featuring 15 characters competing and breaking into spontaneous musical numbers around the world) will premiere in 2010.

Set to debut in spring/summer 2009, Stoked follows a group of teens who work together at Surfer’s Paradise Resort for the summer.

The series target kids and tweens ages 8 to 14, and tie-in opps beyond show sponsorship include online contests, as both shows will have separate web pages on with interactive games for kids.

Owned by Astral Media and Corus Entertainment, Teletoon reaches over 7.4 million Canadian homes and is available in both English and French.