FLASH: Tentative settlement reached with ACTRA in landmark commercial agreement

The made-in-Canada deal repatriates commercial shoots to the country and restores vitality to the nation's new media sector.

Negotiations between ACTRA, the Association of Canadian Advertisers and the Institute of Communication Agencies has concluded with a tentative settlement on a new National Commercial Agreement (NCA) – the industry standard collective agreement that governs the production of English-language commercials in Canada.

After 25 intense bargaining sessions since January, the settlement has resulted in landmark changes that modernize the agreement to serve the industry in the future by restoring vitality to the national communications sector and repatriating commercial shoots to the country.

New provisions in the deal include expanded new media opportunities, provisions to increase large-cast productions and enhanced compliance measures with the ACA/ICA.

Ad agencies signing a collective bargaining agreement no longer have the option to opt in or out and will remain bound by the terms of the agreement.

Distribution of new media commercials used around the world will also now be capped at a fixed number of session fees.

‘There are some give and takes from both sides,’ Stephen Waddell, national executive director of ACTRA, tells MiC. ‘It’s an equitable settlement, it’s a good deal and a good compromise. We didn’t get everything we wanted and [the ACA/ICA] didn’t get everything it wanted, but sometimes that’s the best agreement.’

The new agreement also provides further work opportunities for performers in the area of new media, with more flexibility, increased performance rates and shorter work days, from nine to eight hours.

ACTRA members will vote on the terms of the new agreement in a mailed referendum ballot on Nov. 26, with the new agreement’s rates and terms going into effect by early December.