Canada’s Worst Driver returns to Discovery

With a growing viewership, the fourth season of misadventures in road skills is set to premiere Oct. 27.

After seeing a viewership increase of 27% for A25-54 and 35% for A18-49 during its third season, Canada’s Worst Driver, season four, will make its debut on Discovery Channel at 10 pm ET/PT on Monday, Oct. 27.

Targeting adults ages 18 to 54, the show follows eight motorists as they struggle through the ‘Driver Rehabilitation Centre’ at Guelph’s abandoned Ontario Correctional Centre. A panel of judges including CP24′s traffic and safety specialist Cam Woolley, formerly a sergeant with the OPP Ontario Highway Safety Division, will crown the worst driver.

TV history buffs may recall that the reality genre sprang from Britain’s docu-soaps, and that one of the original series that helped forge viewers’ fascination with car wrecks was BBC’s Driving School, wherein assorted dim students never failed to comically mess up.