Grey’s Anatomy takes over the top spot for the week
BBM/Nielsen Top 30: Oct. 13 – Oct. 19, 2008

CSI is the week's runner-up.

Here are the national champs (for all persons 2+; all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen for Oct. 13-19, 2008.

Monday: CSI Miami, on CTV at 10 pm, remained the winner with an average minute audience of 2.148 million viewers (up from 2.145 million viewers last week).

Tuesday: Tuning in for a different kind of forensics, Canada Votes on CBC at 9:30 pm, took the top spot with 1.135 million viewers, upstaging last week’s winner Criminal Minds on CTV, which was at 2.232 million viewers last week.

Wednesday: Law & Order: SVU on CTV at 10 pm was the winner, with an average minute audience of 1.315 million viewers (replacing CSI New York on CTV, which was at 2.295 million viewers last week).

Thursday: Grey’s Anatomy, on CTV at 9 pm, came out on top with 2.563 million viewers (replacing CSI on CTV, which was at 3.163 million viewers last week).

Friday: Ominously, Ghost Whisperer on CTV at 8 pm won with an average minute audience of 1.149 million viewers, displacing CTV’s evening news at 6 pm, which had 1.222 million viewers last week.

Saturday: Game #1 of Hockey Night in Canada on CBC at 7 pm took the top spot again with 1.310 million viewers, down from 1.323 million viewers last week.

Sunday: Desperate Housewives on CTV at 9 pm was the winner again, with 1.975 million viewers (up from 1.838 million viewers last week).

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