Mr. Sub spoofs the jingle

How do you get young men to pay attention to your radio spot? Make fun of the genre's conventions.

When Toronto-based Mr. Sub wanted to get the word out for its new delivery service, Zig pondered the typical catchy jingle approach to imprinting the phone number, and decided to zag. The number they are tongue-firmly-in-cheek trying to get listeners ‘hooked on’ is ’416-Rdo-Tuvt’ – the premise being that all the catchy numbers are already taken.

‘By spoofing a traditional delivery radio ad jingle,’ Zig’s creative director and writer, Aaron Starkman, tells MiC, ‘we’re turning the conventional approach on its head.’

The 30-sec spot targets sub enthusiasts, mainly men ages 18 to 34, who don’t currently think of the brand as a delivery option. It’s airing on Toronto’s Edge 102, Virgin 99.9, Fan 590 and Mojo 640, with media buys handled by Magi Communications, until the end of December.

‘Radio was the most viable option to reach such a local market in Toronto small demographic of men,’ VP of media services, Magi Communications, Peter Vicente, tells MiC. ‘As tough as it is to reach the young demographic in the GTA, there are very few radio stations that have a strong male 18-34 demographic. Our media buys on radio hinge on heavy frequency,’ says Vicente. ‘The repetitive nature of the commercial is eventually going to sink through especially with younger demographics.’

Listen to the radio spot here.