Canada’s hoteliers host digital OOH

Onestop Media tucks in with the hotel industry.

Toronto-based digital OOH co Onestop Media has expanded its mass-media display network once again – this time to include high-end hotel chains across the nation, including Hilton, Delta, Vintage, Skyline Boutique and Doubletree properties.

The digital media network, placed in high-traffic areas like hotel lobbies, reception areas, conference rooms and spas as well as in-room feeds, offers sponsored content segments and advertising. Also available are branded network interfaces and content templates produced through Onestop’s creative partner Toronto-based Fourth Wall.

‘With the majority of our hotels offering Wi-Fi connectivity and an even larger portion of our guests owning a cellphone, the digital display network provides an alternative and immediate means of reaching guests,’ explains Vito Curalli, managing director of sales for Hilton Hotels Canada.

Keith Mantesso, regional director, business development for Hilton Canada estimates that over $76,000 in incremental annual revenue is attributed to the digital network at its downtown Toronto location.