World of Wheels spins into new areas

A unique front and back cover execution signals the magazine's efforts to expand coverage into new categories and create custom multiplatform ad opps.

The World of Wheels, a national bi-monthly Canadian car magazine from Oakville-based Formula Media Group, has unveiled a new cover design (the front of the new 2010 Camaro on its front cover and the back of the Camaro on its back cover) that signals the magazine’s expansion endeavours.

Steve Carey, director of advertising sales at Formula Media, says the idea is to signal the magazine’s rebranding. As big auto ad spend declines, it will now include more articles on the service element of cars, car accessories and other elements of owning a car. The magazine will also introduce news on motorcycles in the new year.

Carey says the company also has a newly developed website with video streaming, and that it is about to partner with a leading car maker on an integrated ad campaign, as part of a push to offer multiplatform branding opps. Explaining one such promotion, Carey says, ‘At the Golf and Travel show in February, four families will win a car trip. The families’ experiences will be videotaped and uploaded on the website. Editorial features in the magazine will also be a part of the coverage for the sponsor.’

The magazine has a total qualified circulation of 56,131 (CCAB Audit for March 2008). Its target audience is males between 18 and 55, with an average to above-average income and a passion for speed.