Wrigley enters tanning salons in vanity campaign

Mini-billboard campaign cherry-picks the image-conscious.

Targeting image-conscious consumers, this week Wrigley launched a mini-billboard campaign throughout tanning salons in the GTA advertising a tooth-whitening gum.

Planned by Toronto-based OMD, the campaign is similar to an OOH approach in 2007 but with more billboards and for a shorter period.

‘The person closes their door and it’s a very intimate environment. There’s no other advertising, no other messaging,’ says Adam Watson, VP business development at Statements Media, a Toronto-based ambient media specialist, about the effectiveness of the placement.

Besides the 12′ by 17′ posters depicting a person with a toothy grin, the campaign also offers 100,000 packages of Wrigley’s Excel White, strategically placed on white towels that patrons need to grab.

This time around 400 posters are placed – 100 more than the 2007 campaign. Says Watson about the intimate reach: ‘It’s great to get in these smaller venues and neighbourhoods. It has a very local feel. People are out and about, they have the ability to go and buy this product right away,’ says Watson.

The 8-week campaign is expected to reach 200,000 consumers.