Belairdirect hits Ontario and Quebec in 3D

The multi-platform campaign experiments with non-traditional banner ad formats, spanning interconnected roadblocks to monster ads - but no branded sliders. Alas.

Insurance provider Belairdirect has launched a new campaign in Quebec and Ontario promoting its digital services via the web, OOH, and radio spots. Web banner ads will appear in 3D animation on various Yahoo sites mid-February, says Carl Brabander, Internet marketing manager at Belairdirect, where online media planning was also conducted in-house.

‘It’s not like you have to wear the glasses to watch them, but the objects in the banners move and slide around and spin in a three-dimensional way,’ says Brabander.

They have also booked interconnected roadblocks – multiple banners that appear on the same page with migrating content – and a couple of monster banner ads that will only be used for a few impressions because of their domineering size (420 X 600 pixels).

‘You may see, for example, an object flying through one banner and then it’ll continue through the second and land in the third,’ says Brabander, of the roadblocks. Looking to try something new online, Brabander says he also wanted to brand slider buttons, but couldn’t find a willing provider in the industry.

Other media executions in the extensive campaign running until April, targeting the web-savvy 25+ demo, were handled by Touche PHD and created by Montreal-based media agency Sid Lee.

Along the same 3D theme, Sid Lee is currently wrapping up projections set to appear on buildings throughout downtown Toronto and Montreal that show car parts coming together. The animated projections are promoting Belairdirect’s online claim-tracking capabilities.

The tone throughout the radio ads is light, says Stéphane Alozy, VP account services at Sid Lee, poking fun at the hassle of a non-electronic paper trail when it comes to insurance claims, for instance.

The strategy for the two provinces is different, he says. ‘In Ontario, we want to increase the awareness of the company because the awareness in Quebec is very high,’ says Alozy. ‘In Quebec it’s more about loyalty.’