Advertisers sign up for The Hockey News mobile app

Lay's, Lexus, Gatorade and Bud Light jump on board to reach mobile hockey fans.

Since it launched in September, The Hockey News app has more than 90,000 Blackberry and iPhone users, according to sources. The free app, which targets the 18-to-54 demo, comes with live NHL scores, team standings, player stats and now, beer. Ads, that is.

Bud Light has signed on as the launch partner for The Hockey News Mobile iPhone application. Labatt Breweries of Canada rep Matthew Ramella tells MiC the company’s objective in the ad space is to have hockey fans correlate Bud Light with Canadians beloved NHL experience.

Pepsi, Gatorade, Lay’s, Telus, Lexus and Toyota are also advertising on the app. Execution options include the ability to send the ad to friends and generate a phone call from the application.

Marlon Rodrigues, a representative for Polar Mobile, which powers The Hockey News Mobile, said Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) brand placements are offered as well. Polar Mobile is projecting 5 million page views in February for both the Blackberry and iPhone apps.

The application’s cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is between $20 to $30.