Milk blankets Quebec with cheer

Milk is tireless in its multimedia efforts to help Quebecers keep their spirits up and make it through the cold.

The Quebec Federation of Milk Producers wants to rid Quebecers of their winter blues. So it worked with Nolin BBDO Montreal, creating a cheerful integrated campaign to get attention during a season not typically known for joyous appreciation of the weather (or gravitation towards chilly beverages). Previous marketing efforts focused upon the youth market but the new campaign – launching Feb. 2 and running until the end of March – targets a new demo of adults aged 18 to 49.

Media buys were completed by Touché PHD, and the campaign spans billboards, shopping centres, the web, backlit panels, subway benches, radio spots, guerrilla tactics and Metro newspapers.

In addition to blanketing Quebec’s urban centres, the campaign aims to make multiple impressions by frequently refreshing the content. Billboards will change weekly with a series of comforting messages. This comfort concept will transfer into subway stations where a Milk team will escort commuters to large installations to receive pins sporting uplifting Milk mottos, and be directed to dial a phone number and listen to more cheerful messages.

Montreal and Québec City businesses will have the chance to win delivery of milk, cookies, and comforting messages. The promo is being promoted via radio on Rock-Détente and 14 other radio spots will be included in the overall campaign, providing cold weather appreciation ‘Zen journeys.’

The regional focus is in Montreal and Quebec City, but shopping centre ads will be placed in Québec City, Saguenay, Trois-Rivieres and Sherbrooke.