Mitsubishi Lancer takes over Toronto’s Skywalk

The placement, handled by BBDO/Proximity, targets hordes of Canadian International Autoshow visitors as they walk to and fro this month.

Mitsubishi Motors, BBDO/Proximity and Toronto-based Pumped are transforming the Toronto Skywalk into a fully immersed brand tunnel this month, taking pedestrians through a three-minute branded experience showcasing Mitsubishi’s 2009 full lineup as they walk from Union Station to the Convention Centre and Rogers Centre.

BBDO/Proximity’s media strategy was to make one heck of a last impression to those attending the autoshow, says Pumped’s Rob Lindsay.

The Skywalk media consists of 88 media facings, an interactive floor graphic, as well as a 15 x 30 display that showcases the 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer as well as an actual Lancer Rally car.

‘The Skywalk was the perfect fit for a Mitsubishi domination,’ says BBDO/Proximity’s Rebecca Flaman, account supervisor for Mitsubishi. ‘It’s the only direct and sheltered connection from Union Station to the autoshow, and offers a completely uncluttered environment for our message, and ample display and exhibit space.’

It’s estimated that 200,000 visitors passing to and from the autoshow this weekend will experience the Mitsu tunnel.