Ritzy buyers fly free

Sometimes there's a silver lining hiding behind grey economic skies. Condo sellers have to try a little harder these days, and the Ritz is hitting the dailies with full pages advertising a luxury real estate gift with purchase.

A new ad category has found lodging in the pages of some of our nation’s dailies: real estate gift with purchase. As part of its latest promo to help attract deep-pockets amid the chaos of a floundering housing market, The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto is offering its multi-million dollar suite buyers the chance to receive free vacations for two.

As of Feb. 17, the first 10 suite buyers to buy a unit at the Residences get a travel account of $250,000, which can be drawn from once a year for a max of ten years. In addition to airfare, the funds cover all amenities and accommodations at worldwide Ritz hotels.

Despite impeccable timing with the housing flop, the owner incentive program has been in the works for over eight months. ‘We decided to offer this as part of a purchase so that owners can experience the lifestyle of the Ritz-Carlton,’ explains VP of Baker Real Estate Tina Amato, who handles sales for the Ritz. ‘The promotion is about travelling the world,’

Toronto’s Montana Steele Advertising created full-page ads for the promotion, which are placed in the National Post, the Globe and Mail and the Ritz-Carlton Magazine.