LG introduces European-sized digital displays

New digital OOH product lineup includes interactive screens that will have consumers seeing triple.

LG Electronics Canada yesterday announced new digital OOH products that can be used for interactive ad displays in environments with space constraints. One of the more innovative additions to the product lineup, says Shawn Snobelen, LG’s director of sales for business solutions division, is the ‘triple view’ 47-inch LCD panel that can show three separate ad images at the same time. It can simultaneously engage multiple consumers, who can all see a different image depending on where they’re standing, he explains.

Another first in the Canadian market is the ‘stretch screen’ monitor, essentially half the size of a traditional LCD monitor (with the same horizontal pixel rate and half the vertical pixel rate), with comparable resolution. The 29-inch and 38-inch screens are designed for use in retail environments, restaurants, casinos or lobby displays.

‘This came out of Europe, where there are a lot of space constraints, but digital signage is very prevalent. It started out as a replacement for your traditional LED light boards that you [see] in a train station or public space,’ says Snobelen, adding that it allowed clients to intersperse information with a marketing message.

Two screen models in the product lineup with an interactive twist are a 3D monitor that doesn’t require special glasses, and a touch screen monitor that was recently launched as a pilot in some Best Buy shops in western Canada, says Snobelen. In retail locations it allows consumers to search the company’s online inventory, but it can also allow consumers to find directions in a mall, for instance. Products can be either purchased on rented.