Astral rocks out new branded chimes

The media company is personalizing its signature audio sign-off in a move to assert the master brand and build consumer loyalty.

From the techno beats of Energy FM to the soothing melody of EZ Rock, Montreal-based Astral Media now has new branding chimes that reflect its radio and TV network’s audience tastes. The audio-branding platform asserts the Astral brand in a personalized way, and ultimately, will help build loyalty, explains Alain Bergeron, Astral’s VP brand management and corporate communications.

‘It is extremely relevant to [promote] the master brand; it’s almost like a seal of quality,’ says Bergeron. ‘We’re already offering very targeted audiences to advertisers. What we’re doing is personalizing the way we speak to those consumers and spreading the Astral media brand.’

Astral commissioned Musikvergnuegen, an LA-based sound design studio, to create 11 variations of the company’s core, four-note melody sign-off. Seven mnemonics have been created for radio and divvied by genre: adult contemporary, news, oldies, rock, soft rock, country and pop rock. Musikvergnuegen also composed four additional television mnemonics to compliment its movie, kids pop and news channels that are accompanied by visuals.

Surveys showed that the old chime, which was almost like a whistle, had a really high level of recognition by audiences, says Bergeron. The new chimes have received positive feedback from the press and internally, where employees are voting for their favourites, Bergeron says.