Children’s Wish includes social media

The foundation hopes to extend its brand to social media channels and give new prominence to national sponsors and local chapters.

The Children’s Wish Foundation has tasked digital marketing specialist Dashboard to spearhead its new online strategy that includes a website makeover and brand extension into social media channels. The new site, which will launch to coincide with the foundation’s 25th anniversary celebrations in the spring, will give a new prominence to sponsors and regional chapters.

According to Brian Steinhauser, Dashboard’s director of client engagement, the social media strategy includes creating individual web pages for children and families who are part of the Children’s Wish program, and linking them to outlets like parent blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Flicker.

Finding more donors is one of the goals. ‘Bringing them to the site is obvious,’ Steinhauser tells MiC, ‘but going out and finding them and being part of their lives in the online environment will bring much greater results.’ A social media presence also helps them reach the younger sect of the 35-plus demographic, he adds.

By builiding the foundation’s brand online, another goal is to continue to attract national sponsors to join Air Transat, Mars, Blue Cross and Lexus, Steinhauser says. ‘They’ll have a prominent space within the new site. Right now they’re sort of sitting on the side. We want to get them involved up front and also get the people involved with the companies so there’s actually connection between the two,’ he says.