Zoom shares OOH case results

Redesigned site provides access to a research library featuring OOH campaign metrics.

Montreal-based Zoom Media launched a stylish new website yesterday to reflect the expansion of its digital OOH space. New features provide research on the demos Zoom reaches and case studies of recent campaigns – including the objective, strategy and results.

Redesigned by Zoom and BBDO Montreal, the site gives access to campaign information in its Research Library for brands such as Starbucks and Audi. It includes which platforms worked, what product features were highlighted, and campaign results – whether it increased traffic to web sites or retail locations. A slideshow of images is presented with the cases.

The website also provides an overview of target demos divided into categories like ‘Generation X’ and ‘Active Men,’ their average household income, media habits, general lifestyle info, and which Zoom platform can be used to reach them.