MySpace Canada finding friends for its new mobile app

The new BlackBerry tool which integrates ad placements - a first for the social net giant - is quickly finding mobiles to call home, and attracting ad partner interest.

The new BlackBerry application, which went live in Canada on Thursday and has since been been downloaded more than 400,000 times by MySpace Mobile users, is the first rich application with MySpace advertising support: ads can be placed on exit points of the application, after friend request acceptances and sent messages.

And MySpace says the opportunity is currently being considered by top advertisers (while MySpace says it can’t give name names as ‘it would be a breach of confidentiality,’ the interested parties are in the consumer packaged goods and financial services industries).

‘Mobile advertising represents a significant growth opportunity for MySpace,’ Dave Stevens, MySpace Canada GM, tells MiC. ‘Our clients want to reach consumers they can’t reach online, on television or in print, so the BlackBerry app puts the foundation in place to do just that.’

The social net giant recently announced the move as part of its new improvements to the app, which also include ‘FIGS’ (French, Italian, German and Spanish) language support, increased messaging capabilities, friend updates and instant message notifications to eliminate lag times between the real world and the mobile world.