Customers cough up their best ‘Buckley’s face’

The cough syrup brand's contagious campaign produces results with face-to-face and online consumer bonding.

In late January, Buckley’s enlisted Toronto’s Capital C to convince consumers to flash their best ‘Buckley’s face’ for a chance to win a role in an upcoming ad. It’s part of an overall campaign which began last fall with 15-sec TV spots by Toronto’s Saatchi & Saatchi, targeting adults who want results, not sugar-coating, and featuring some grimacing as a result. Thus the ‘Buckley’s face’ search. Now, two months after the ‘Buck Up with Buckley’s’ launch, the campaign results are in – and they’re nothing to cough at.

Running till late June, the campaign features a traveling ‘Oasis’ tent where consumers have their pic taken mid Buckley’s swig. They are emailed their photo and are told to ‘Buck Up with Buckley’s’ by visiting Current TV spots drive viewers to the contest site to upload their pic and create a custom vid to be shared on Facebook, while the best Buckley’s grimace is voted on by website users.

As explained by Matthew Diamond, partner at Capital C, to achieve top-of-mind awareness, the ‘It tastes awful. And it works’ slogan was extended to create a campaign that fosters brand participation.

To date, the new Buckley’s campaign has produced a click-through rate of 2.16 to the contest site and over 11,000 consumer interactions at Oasis tents. It was also found that 17% of Oasis attendees forwarded their Buckley’s face pic emails to friends, thus increasing overall reach, while 83% of non-users stated they would consider Buckley’s the next time they were ill.

The Oasis tents are executed by Match Marketing and are rolling up to events such as the Toronto Golf and Travel Show and the Montreal Home Show.

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