Spring adds some boink to street media

Stolen T-shirt-vertising, wild postings and Facebook nudging ask pedestrians to hop on the Pogo today, generating 10 cents for every bounce for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Vancouver-based Spring Advertising and Design is bouncing into its namesake season today with the second annual Boink Day, a pogo-a-thon that raises money for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. For every successful boink on the Pogo that passersby on Georgia Street attempt, the agency will donate 10 cents to the charity.

To promote today’s event, Spring printed 100 T-shirts and dispersed them around town in the hopes that Vancouverites would steal them, put them on and become walking billboards, explains Rob Schlyecher, CD at Spring. Other promo efforts include wild postings, a Facebook page and a video posted on BoinkDay.com.

When the company launched three years ago, it decided it would donate a portion of its profits to charity, an internal program referred to as Strange Acts of Kindness. In their first year, Spring froze Slinkys in blocks of ice and placed them around Vancouver. When the ice melted, people who picked up the toys were instructed to go to a website, and Spring donated $5 to the food bank for every visit.

‘It helps them think about doing something for charity, which is pretty much forgotten in the spring,’ Schlyecher tells MiC. Last year’s boink record was 2,500 bounces, and this year he hopes to raise $10,000.